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  New rough demo: -Radiate type: mp3, size 3Mb
-Barakade   type: mp3, size: 4.92Mb    -Break Me   type: mp3, size: 13.2Mb

4-27-2002   Well, it's finally here, the first single of Days On End. It was also the first song we created and played together as a band. A special thanks goes out to Dave Wolf, the recording guru and producer that spent his valuable weekends recording and mixing this single in his studio/kitchen/dinning room. Also, special thanks to Jimmy Page and Paul Falgout - producers extraordinaire who provided us with the necessary equipment and encouragement. Here are some production photos of the drum recording session in The Little Theatre enjoy:

Dave Wolf Jimmy Page Jimmy Page at the controls
Jimmy and Phil Jimmy, Phil, and Daily Phil
Phil's set up in the little theatre