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Kris Daily
Lindsey Crouse
Matt Milner
Mark J. DeSantis
Phil Wright
Ted Whitten

Matt Milner (Fester)
::electric and acoustic guitar (and guitar throwing man)

Matt Milner, more commonly known as Fester, is renowned for his creative musical abilities—he isn’t called the Guitar-Throwing Man for nothing. He is a favorite with the LeTourneau population both on-stage and off, being elected Fall Fest King for the 2001-2002 school year. It is no surprise… after all, Fester cares!

J.J. Jazmine: “As you must know, your listening audience is wildly interested in your personal life… What are some of your hobbies?”
Matt Milner: “I don’t have much time for hobbies, but I would say that guitar, tennis (esp. in high school), traveling, going to concerts, and being with people I care about are things I like to do.”
JJ: “So if someone were to call you up at any random time, you would be doing what?”
MM: “If I was in my room (not often), I would be sleeping, typing e-mails, procrastinating, or playing the guitar.”
JJ: “You mentioned you like traveling. Any favorite places in particular?”
MM: “Barcelona, Spain and Victoria Falls, Zambia.”
JJ: “Favorite books… movies… bands… albums?”
MM: “Anything by Stephen Lawhead, The Complete Green Letters by Miles J. Stanford, and the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. I love the movie ‘Flight of the Navigator’ not only cause it is a great move, but it is also the first one I saw in the theatre ever. Bands I have been listening to a lot lately – Thursday, Jimmy Eat World, Stavesacre, POD, Project 86, Incubus, Counting Crows, Ben Marper, Linkin Park, DMB, Radiohead, TFK, Blindside, and Matthew Perryman Jones. Favorite albums: ‘Commonwealth’ by Plankeye, ‘Joshua Tree’ by U2, ‘Grace’ by Jef Buckley, and ‘Hammering Process’ by Living Sacrifice.”
JJ: “This will show some great insight into your character: What is your favorite joke?”
MM: “Q: What’s more fun than kicking a midget? A: Nothing!”
JJ: “So what name comes between ‘Matthew’ and ‘Milner’?”
MM: “My middle name is Lyle, which means “of the island.” I was named such since I was born on Galveston Island, Texas.”
JJ: “So, Matt, tell us about your childhood.”
MM: “I have a few traumatic childhood experiences that probably don’t need to be discussed here, and all the other ones are repressed. One that I can talk about would be when I took off half my face on the concrete. I was skateboarding in my driveway, and I fell off (big surprise) and left the left side of my face on the ground as well as a few chipped teeth.”
JJ: “How did you come from such a dramatic life to Longview, TX?”
MM: “I visited a lot of colleges the summer before my senior year, and [LeTourneau University] was the only one I really liked. It had a good biology program, plus I knew Daily was coming here, so I had to go to the same school as the sexiest man alive besides [Student Body President] Jon Markley.”
JJ: “How did Days on End come to include you?”
MM: “How did it come to include me? That is an interesting question because not many people know the answer to that. Most think, including my bassist, that Daily started it and asked each of us to join . . . not the case. Last year, I was in a band that changed members as fast as we changed our name (every show), and we finally ended the year with Weezer, myself, Bargen, Poofy, and Gordon in the band. Gordon graduated and moved to Chicago, and Poofy's parents made him play in only one band so he stuck with Decaf (r.i.p.). That left me, Weezer, and Bargen in the band and in dire need of a singer and drummer. I had talked to Daily last year about working with us, and he was interested. Then the first or second Sunday of the semester, I talked to Phil about maybe singing or playing drums. Phil really wanted to work with Daily wherever he went, so when Daily decided to play with us, then Phil was in. It was after Live Aid when Lindsey sang the last song that we decided to make her an official member in the band. Later last semester, Bargen decided that he couldn't play anymore with us due to other time commitments, so we let Teddy jam with us a couple times and he fit just right. Now Bargen works sound for us at shows and is still just as much a part of the band as anybody. That is how it is or was as far as I can accurately tell. I am open (slightly) to correction.”
JJ: “What are your greatest and least favorite things about performing?”
MM: “Favorite: Making people smile and having a good time—I love that. Least favorite: How I get nervous before every show, no exception.”
JJ: “Each band member contributes some unique qualities. What would you say yours are?”
MM: “I would say that I add a little humor and excitement to the show and to the sound. I am more of the hard, driving rhythm in the band.”
JJ: “Care to demonstrate some of that humor and excitement for us and compose the lyrics to a song about your ideal girl?” MM: “You wish – all rights are reserved on that one.”
JJ: “Rumor has it that your guitar has a name.”
MM: “Catherine.”
JJ: “Who would you consider your hero to be?”
MM: “Jesus, because I'm supposed to say that in Sunday School… But my hero would probably be a man named Keith Naylor because he ministered with his band Asiam (As I Am) in the non-conventional sense. He refused to play only to Christians. It seemed a waste of time to him, so he went into the gay and lesbian bars, biker bars, trucker bars, even whorehouses and strip clubs to preach the gospel to those that were there, and would meet them on there level, not talk in ‘Christianese,’ and be real. He accepted people as they were (hence Asiam), and God has used him in mighty ways. That's what I want to do, maybe not to that extreme, but I want to meet people for who they are and accept them and love them, regardless of what the outside says that they are.”
JJ: “So Christ is your primary motivation in life?”
MM: “Christ means a lot of things to me. The obvious Savior, friend, comforter, lover, etc. I don’t mean to be a living cliché, but He truly is my life and the only reason I’m here today and am doing what I’m doing.”
JJ: “Any particular Bible passage that has helped you through a lot?”
MM: “When I'm down, I read the book of Philippians (yes the whole thing – it’s short), especially 3:7-14. Also I find encouragement in Numbers 22 in the fact that God used an ass once so He can use me.”
JJ: “If you were to die tomorrow, what would you want everyone to know about you?”
MM: “That I loved God, loved people, and that I lived my life to the fullest because I lived according to what He wants me to do.”
JJ: “Anything else we should know about you?”
MM: “I love people; I love working and being with people. I love to just sit and talk to people to hear where they are coming from, what’s going on, and what they are going through. I think that it is a privilege to be a small part in people’s lives. I love it. I also love my mom’s cooking, Italian food, and Chinese.”